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Orders now being accepted for the recently published volume 2 of Ancestral Plants:  A Primitive Skills Guide to Important Edible, Medicinal, and Utilitarian Plants of the Northeast.

The second volume of the two-volume series is now available for purchase ($26.00 plus shipping). It discusses the uses of approximately 100 wild plants that occur in northeastern North America, with mention of many more related species and their uses. It will be an important reference for anyone interested in foraging, survival, herbal medicine, self-sufficiency, and ethnobotany. To learn more about the book or purchase a copy, click here. Checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) are accepted. For more details, email or call 207-266-5748.

Ancestral Plants volume 2“Plants were immensely important to primitive people. They supplied them with many things needed for survival: food, clothing, medicine, fibers for cordage, lubricants, hafting materials, fire, raw materials for weapons, poisons for fishing and repelling insects, and much more. This has not changed in today’s world. People still rely on plants for their everyday survival and comfort. The main difference is the majority of the populace today does not know how to identify, collect, and process plants for the things it needs. They are dependent on food stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, etc. For some, this level of dependence on growers and manufacturers is the norm. They have been raised with it all their lives and assume it to be part of living in the modern world. For others, this lack of self-reliance may plant a seed within them that will grow into a desire to understand how our ancestors lived without the use of synthetic and highly processed materials. They may wish to learn how those who passed before them fed and clothed their families, kept themselves warm, created tools and weapons, and remedied illnesses. They did all of this, and more, without polluting the soil, the water, or the air. For those of you in this second category, this book is written for you. It is a starting place and a reference for your journey in learning ancestral life skills.”

You can download a one-page of announcement of Ancestral Plants that includes a brief description, example pages, ordering information, and price.  As this reference is not being sold by any large book distributors, we can use your help spreading the word.  Please distribute this announcement to friends, coworkers, and organizations you believe will be interested in its content.  Thank you for your help.


One of the goals of Anaskimin is to protect local landscapes by giving people practical, hands-on knowledge of plant uses.  Through this type of education, all kinds of people can become aware of the true value of wild places (both large and small).  Families gain real self-reliance by reconnecting to wild plants in a sustainable manner.

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